Reflection Time

As another school year is coming to an end, it is imperative to think about where I was this time last year.  I was dreading the thought of not being a freshman anymore and not being able to use my naiveness as an excuse for my embarrassments.  I loved my College Ave dorm (Tinsley) and I could not even think about not having a million people surrounding me at all times.  Some lessons I learned from the transfer from Freshman to Sophomore year:

  1. Stay close and make the effort to continue and maintain your friendships from freshman year.  Even though some of your friends might have houses and you might still be in the dorms making new friends, do not forget your original crew!  They have been there from the beginning and they shared all your freshman year adventures with you!  It is a relief not having to create new impressions sometimes and it is refreshing looking back and laughing at the memories you shared together.  
  2.  Use Rate My Professor!  That site is absolutely amazing because it allows you to gain insight about professors from past students.  From my experience, every negative review has been accurate.  And nothing is worse than having to endure an entire semester with a horrible professor!  It not only robs your learning experience, affects your grades, but leaves you miserable and bored.  The comparison of not using the site my Freshman year in comparison to using it my Sophomore year has made all the difference in my enjoyment of class.
  3. Find a job!  I just started as a hostess at Stuff Yer Face this year.  Although sometimes it can be a challenge to balance school and work, it is a great way to stay grounded and become financially independent.  Being in an environment where everyone is searching for a job, look to your friends who already have jobs and see if they can talk to their managers and get you a job.  Remember, networking is key! Also, since you are in your Sophomore year now, you know the swing of things and it will not be too overwhelming.

Overall, have fun and keep an open mind!  You never know where life might take you! Especially at Rutgers…..Image

I chose a picture for Delafield to emphasize how every day is an adventure here at Rutgers! 


Maintain Your Title

So they definitely will not tell you this at orientation.  So on top of the Mike Rice scandal and #Delafest, Rutgers was just recently voted the “Sluttiest School in America” by the popular website, Barstool.  Sure, as a female student at the University, this is not a title to be proud of, or to be associated with, however, it is important to note the lesson to be learned.  Always remember to be cautious with your decisions because somethings cannot be taken back.  Something might sound good in the moment, but always consider the consequences and if you will have regrets in the morning.  Sure, your mistakes and embarrassing stories will soon be replaced tomorrow with the next new story, but like the Barstool award, you will still be associated and remembered for what you did.  And yet at a huge university, it is crazy how everybody finds out everything.  Also be mindful of the proof that is provided via technology.  Like the #Delafest festivities, all the news coverage was collected through students’ Instagrams and Vines.  Literally, your decisions and sloppy actions, if captured, will haunt you for all to see and laugh at!  One important lesson that my RA told my floor freshman year was like if a guy is asking to hang out after 11 pm, don’t be fooled, it’s a bootycall.  With that said, to maintain in good standing with your title, be mindful and considerate of the consequences of your late-night and alcohol induced decisions.

Click the here or scan the QR code to read the Barstool article:


Sheltered Freshman Memes

On, I was able to type in the keyword “freshman” and two categories came up.  The first was “Uber Frosh/ College Freshman” and the second was “The Sheltered Freshman.”  The Uber Frosh features “a college student with headphones, a University New Hampshire hoodie and a mobile phone” while The Sheltered Freshman features “a young woman posing with a blue notepad in what appears to be a library.”  Both descriptions later go on the say that “the images are captioned with ignorant statements often related to naive understandings of sexual innuendo and slang related to illegal drugs” and “the captions usually highlight the all-too-familiar cliches found in campus social scenes and student life during college years.”  

These memes are relevant to my blog because they visible depict many of the mistakes that freshman commit and the misconceptions that freshman assume.  

For example, the UberFrosh is depicted with the caption, “‘I heard that if you get hit by a car at a campus crosswalk, the school pays for your tuition.’…..DIES.'”  I find this meme so funny because the first few days of freshman year I remember my friend telling me that if one of the RU buses hit you, then you get free tuition. I remember thinking that it was such a cool fact and that there was potential that I could maybe get free tuition if one accidentally hit me. And apparently, I was not the only freshman that thought of taking advantage of getting hit.


Since being at RU, I have never heard of anyone getting hit and RU probably makes these claims with the confidence that they will not give out free tuition because the drivers are extremely careful….but who knows with RU these days and all the crazy publicity events…



Creative Commons

“Freshman15” Photo Link:

USC Freshman Year

I found this photo by simply trying in “freshman” in the search bar on Flickr. The photo belongs to kevinusc and the caption reads, “During my freshman year at USC in LA”.  It is so ironic and fitting for my post about the freshman 15 people I typed in just “freshman,” not even “freshman 15,” and at least half of the pictures were dealing with food and the other half were dealing it partying.  It made me laugh because it is true that food is a universal past-time of freshman. It makes sense because going out to eat is a great way to build friendships and provides for an activity when just meeting people.  Also it is fun to try out the restaurants on campus and explore what each university or college has to offer.

The photo is acceptable to use on my blog because it is for restricted use only on this blog, for criticism, showing that I can capable of completing the creative commons activity and for comment, from my classmates.  The nature is for public work of my blog.  The amount that I am using this picture is only for one post on my entire blog.  There is little effect with the picture because I do not have too many followers and there is not repeated or long term use of the photo. It is not opposing fair use, because I give the link and credit to the author.    


The Secrets Exposed

So I think it is time to allow my blog to become exposed to the world.  I am ready to take this from the classroom to the real world of the web.  Through social media, I am trying to promote my blog to create a larger audience.  If you find my writing interesting or amusing,  please share this link via Twitter, Facebook or even on another blog.  Literally, the possibilities are endless!  A simple tweet with a shoutout and link to the blog would be great.  Or, a link to the blog on your college Facebook page.  If you are a blogger yourself, I can even guest blog on your blog, therefore benefiting your blog with a fresh twist, while getting my blog’s name out there.

A larger audience would encourage me to write more and keep up with my blog.  It is so easy to reach out to a larger audience of people,  so please help me out and I will help you out with more stories and advice about my college experiences 🙂  Remember to just link my blog to your Facebook, Twitter, or even on your own blog!

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The Freshman Fifteen

Blog about anything?  Now it’s really time to start blogging.

Some disclaimers:  I wish the “comment” link could be red instead of green/blue, but I cannot figure out how to change it- so bear with me!

So this blog is about my experiences and adventures, but I have yet to discuss any, so now let me begin with the biggest lesson that I have learned that is still an everyday ongoing challenge.  Ready?



cheese fries and a large soda= extremely unhealthy

All throughout my years prior to college I was extremely activate in soccer and dance.  Everyday I was always doing an activity or going to the gym, along with my mom’s homecooked dinners or relatively healthy cooked food, so I never really had to worry about gaining weight and literally used to eat anything with no worries of weight gain.  Fast forward and welcome to college.  I stopped dancing and the thought of going to the gym scared me because I felt like I could not actually really sweat or workout hard without everyone staring.  Especially because I lived on College Ave, so the gym is literally in a 4×4 dungeon.  So with dancing out of the picture and little gym activity, slowly my exercising habits were being limited.  Next aspect to keep in mind is the cafeteria.  An endless amount of food available at basically anytime.  Complete and utter evilness!  The option to have fries and mac and cheese everyday is too good to be true.  However, I did try to be healthy and eat salads all the time, but silly freshman Emmy did not realize that adding nuts, pasta, cranberries, ranch dressing and every other topping to a salad eliminates the healthiness and adds the fat content.  Finally, freshman Emmy did not realize the amount of calories alcohol has in it.  One cannot go out, drink cups of sugar filled “Jungle Juice” and cheap beer and stuff their faces with pizza at 2 am without possibly gaining weight and then waking up in the morning to bowls of mac and cheese.  Trust me, I had to learn the hard way!!  The endless cycle of careless eating and empty calorie consumption was becoming my lifestyle.  I came home for Thanksgiving break and my family looked a little shocked to see me.  It’s crazy how the weight crept up on me without me even noticing until looking at old pictures.

The lesson learned:

Just because you were always activate your whole life, when you come to college you leave your old life behind and enter a new journey.  A new journey filled with new life choices.  Remember that you need to be really cautious with how your food choices will affect your future.  There is no escaping the sugar in alcohol, so an option is to drink plain flavored vodka and a 0 calorie chaser.  Salad dressing has an tremendous amount of fat!  Do not bring money out with you, so you will not be tempted to buy late night slices of pizza.  Being intimidated by the juice heads at the gym is a stupid way to approach life.  Everyone is at the gym to workout and in reality, nobody is probably even paying attention to you!  Overall, I was able to lose all the weight I gained from freshman year and now my friends and I laugh at old pictures from freshman year.  However, although it completely sucked to gain the weight, I had one hella freshman year and it wouldn’t have been the same without the endless hours spent people watching at Brower or how delicious that buffalo chicken pizza tasted after sweating and dancing in a crowded basement for hours.  At the end of the day, I lost the weight, but I definitely did not lose the memories!

308651_10150299071771524_2049047551_nSo many plates of food, we had to take a picture!

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Screencast Experience

View my screencast:

The screencast process was extremely simple.  It took about a whole five minutes.  The toughest part was finding a blog to screencast, but after a quick Google search, I found one.  I chose to do a fitness blog called “Fit Bottomed Girls.”  It’s a blog that focuses on fitness and motivation for girls.

Screen-casting was not difficult at all. It took about three clicks and the video and link was completed.  I think this skill would be useful when creating tutorial videos for people.  Everything is so much easier to understand with a visual, so screen-casting provides the outlet to create a tutorial video.

I could appreciate visiting the blog and talking about what I liked because I can understand how difficult it can be to make a blog appealing.  I talked about the colors and content.  The blog I chose is packed with information!

I personally might not ever use screen-casting again, but it is a neat skill to be able to know because it might come in handy in the future.

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Podcast Experience

Take a listen to my podcast:

I honestly had so much fun making this podcast.  I have always tried to play around with Garageband, but I was never able to really get that far because I did not know any of the tricks or tools to remix tracks, etc.  It was really surprising to notice the extended amount of time it took from start to finish to create the podcast.  The YouTube tutorials were very helpful and instantly everything was working out.  I picked I Love College, by Asher Roth, and Missed Calls, by Mac Miller for the two songs.  I chose I Love College, because my blog is about my college experiences, and I really liked the lyrics, “I could tell you a story or two, um yeah of course I learned some rules.”  I found these lyrics to be fitting to the concept of my blog.  Next, I chose Missed Calls because the instrumental version is very upbeat and was pleasant to have as background music.  It was so interesting to learn how to splice, crossfade and about the music beds.  Garageband is an application that I could definitely write on my resume because so many professions are now embracing technology in every way.  Without this class, I would probably never have figured out how to make a podcast.  So, these new skills are really going to help me to stand out more and sell myself in the competitive job market.

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Header Experience

I had fun designing my header, however, it was extremely challenging.  I thought it was going to take me a few seconds, but it took quite some time.  I did not understand that we had to mesh two pictures together until I looked at someone else’s blog and I completely had to redo my whole banner.  I simply made a collage of two pictures and thought it was great, but was then shocked when I found out I missed the memo on how we were suppose to make the banner.  So after some banner stalking, I embraced my own banner.  I pick two of the same picture, but I added the coolest effects.  I picked the traditional Rutgers picture of the arch with the old building in the background, but made it look intriguing and colorful.  I thought it was a great reflection of how my blog is about college, but with a mix to it.  Like the banner, which is the iconic picture of Rutgers, but with many remixes and effects to it.  The different effects and filters shows how I see Rutgers through my point of view.   Some of the tools were similar to Instagram, or even just basic photo editing.  My header, however, did not match with my theme, so then I had to find a new theme.  That was the most challanging part because the dimensions did not match and I was having trouble editing everything on  I tried for about an hour of editing and re-editing and trying to find a theme that fit the banner.  After my times of distress, I ended with a very basic theme because it fit the banner and matched.  I wish I had a much cooler and lively theme, but this one, in the end, worked the best and I feel like one can never go wrong with being too simple.  Kind of like how Apple is extremely simple and that is why there is such an appeal to their products and brand.  So with that thought process, I ended up with my theme/banner combination.

When making my header, I actually thought of how in the future I will probably use to edit some of my photos.  There were so many cool edits, tricks and tools that iPhoto does not offer.  The color and filter of a photo can completely change the mood of the photo, or enhance certain features.

Making the header reminded me of Myspace, when I would upload the pictures to Photobucket and then resize pictures, by using the dimensions, so that they would fit in the coding of Myspace.  Overall, the header was not too hard to accomplish… once I got the hang of things.  I might fix mine in the future to make it a little bit more appealing.  The task was not too hard to accomplish due to my prior skills in basic photo editing and through my past experiences with Photobucket and Myspace, but was definitely still challenging!!




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Setting up my first blog

I am unsure of what my actual topic should be, so I am just going along with what pops into my head first.  I have never blogged before, but it was not too difficult to set everything up.  I think blogging is a really great way for people to  write about useless topics that a million other people have already written about.  Literally, with a quick Google search, in seconds you will find a blog about any topic.  So, then what makes a blog stand out?  Through my efforts this semester, matched with my cynical attitude towards blogs, I plan to find what works and what does not work, in the hopes of getting discovered online and becoming famous.  However, if my super realistic and sought-after plan to stardom somehow backfires and I completely fail at this blogging attempt and I don’t become an overnight internet sensation, at least I think I picked a pretty cool theme.

For my blog, I have decided to write about my adventures at Rutgers and what I have learned from my experiences.  I am sure everyone can relate to many situations and might even find some humorous!  I am a little nervous to publicly put my antidotes online for the whole world to see, but with a little practice with blogging, I am sure I will be fine.  I hope everyone enjoys my blog and joins me in the adventure of learning to connect and express my views and opinions, digitally!


(both pictures from Google)

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